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Nduja (pronounced N-doo-ya)
Nduja is a spicy spreadable salami produced by Tonino Sansone who has a farm with 30 hectares of woodland outside the village of Cervicati. His 400 Nero Calabrese pigs live outside all year round and once a day all the pigs are fed a mix of barley, beans, bran and maize. Tonino’s wife processes 5-6 pigs each week using sweet and spicy peppers and fennel seeds which are also grown on the farm. Very unusually, no additives or preservatives of any kind are used.

Carne Salata
Our Carne Salata comes from an Alpine village that sits in the Malenco valley. It is made by Mario Bosio Cardinale . Mario makes his own recipe which is taken from the punta d’anca (the very tender salmon cut or eye of silverside) cut of beef. It is left for a week in a bath of salt, spices and garlic then lightly smoked. The result is like a beef carpaccio: very moist and tender with a smoky, almost pickled flavour. It’s unusual and abso- lutely delicious. We have put this into our signature sandwich “The Queenie Bellenie” with buffalo mozzarella, roasted peppers and rocket.

Buffalo Mozzarella
The best buffalo mozzarella comes from the Piana del Sele in Campania. This area 80kms south of south of Naples has wet, marshy land ideal for water buffalo. Our mozzarella, from La Perla del Mediterraneo, arrives from Italy every Thursday morning so that it is super fresh! In 2008 the Gambero Rosso guide voted it among the top 5 mozzarella in Italy.

Carlo Pieri is a Tuscan butcher who has a small shop in Sant Angelo Scalo close to Montalcino. Over the past 25 years he has built up a reputation that has customers coming from miles around to shop
with him. He is proud of his herd: they are raised extensively and fed on cereal from his smallholding. We love his Finocciona a well known slicing salami seasoned with fennel. Carlo refuses to use cultivated fennel in his salami and every September his mother collects the pollen and seeds from the wild fennel that grows locally.

Proscuitto Toscano
For most of us Italian prosciutti has been limited to the dry-cured hams from Parma and San Daniele del Friuli. We have chosen however to use Proscuitto Toscano. By law Proscuitto Toscano can only be made from pigs born in the Tuscan region and they must meet certain age and weight requirements. They must be air dried for 12-16 months. Nothing artificial can be used nor can the meat ever have been frozen. All of these rules are similar to those for other great cured hams of Italy but whereas Proscuitto di Parma can only be salted for curing, Proscuitto Toscano can be cured with a blend of traditional Tuscan spices, including pepper, garlic, rosemary and juniper. This results in a darker colouring and meatier, “hammier” flavour.

Coppa is a traditional Italian cold cut made from dry-cured whole pork shoulder or neck. The meat is rubbed with a mixture of juniper, chilli, coriander, star anise, nutmeg, cinammon, garlic and bay before being lightly smoked and aged for 11-12 months.

Soppressata is our spiciest salami made with garlic, salt and hot peppers.

The fresh hind legs of the pig have the bone removed and spend the next 40 days in a salt and spice cure. They are dried for 4 days before being smoked overnight using beech or chestnut mixed with juniper berries. The delicately smoky flavour is absolutely delicious.

Taleggio is a semi soft, washed rind, smear ripened Italian cheese that is named after the area Val Taleggio. The cheese has a thin crust and a strong aroma, but its flavour is comparatively mild with an unusual and delicious fruity tang.

Provolone is an Italian cheese made from cow’s milk whose origins lie in Southern Italy. The cheese goes along with full-bodied and aged red wines. At the table, it could be served with hot chutneys, homemade breads and flat breads.
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