I take my education as a coach very seriously.

I studied coaching at the number one coaching school in the UK. Animas centre for coaching.

This is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). It is recognised by the International Coach Federation as providing 123 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours – more than twice the amount required to become credentialed with the ICF.

The life coaching course is also accredited with the Association for Coaching, the UK’s largest professional body, as an Accredited Diploma in Coach Training. This distinction makes it one of the very few in the world to hold this level of accreditation.

I choose to adhere to the ICF code of ethics and the UK Data Protection Act.

I work continually with my own coach which I feel is extremely important for anybody in my field. I also continue study through books, programmes, workshops and seminars as well as having an excellent and close network of other professional coaches.

Animas Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching

Anthony Robbins - Unleash the power within

Christina Berkley - Elements coach training

Vishen Lakhiani - Extraordinary by design

Rich Litvin - London coaching intensive, 2017

JP Morgan Creating - Group coaching intensive, London 2018

Forging the Steel - Exquisite coaching for exquisite coaches, 2018/19

Hayley is an exceptional coach
— Carolina Fröhlich - Author and UK's Leading Life and Business Coach

Deep transformational coaching, nourishing your mind, body and soul.

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