I adore life and pretty much everything and everyone in it. I invite creativity and freedom in others wherever I go.

I have a provocative energy and I am not afraid to hurt other peoples feelings if it shifts them out of a lower frequency.

I have a deep sense of knowing.

People tend to trust me quickly and forget their worries when they are with me.
I see past the things others don’t like about them, I see why they act the way they do and they can feel I understand them.

I’m super adventurous and adore travelling, I’m a water baby and a nature lover.

I am strong and peaceful.

I have a wonderful partner of 8 years and a beautiful Beagle.

I’m kind and loving and am especially passionate to help people with mental health issues and their families.

I can be childish and giggly when I’m scared and I can be supportive and encouraging when I’m brave.

I am Harmony, Devotion, Connection, Wisdom and Joy.