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I remember standing on a stool cooking Chinese food for my family because I couldn’t reach the stove. My homework for home economics took me hours as I poured over each recipe perfecting every diagram. I was a straight A student.

Professionally I started a catering career with a small sandwich bar at the age of 21 which I ran for 5 years and then went on to become a head chef at a local restaurant which had up to 170 covers. In 2006 I realised I wanted to work for people privately rather than being in a commercial kitchen. I needed the connection with my clients so I could learn exactly what they liked and disliked and I loved learning about evreyone’s different ways of eating. As I worked my way up the ladder in the private chef world my clients became more demanding and more specific about the foods they ate. I worked with very tailored diets and worked with nutritionists to ensure their individual requirements were being met.

My clients included Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Mohammed Al Fayed, Gary Rhodes, Lord and Lady Astor of Hever and many VIP’s. My work also included cooking for any children or babies in the family that also often came with their own dietary needs.

Over the last few years my work has changed quite dramatically and the demand for plant based food has grown exponentially. I know how challenging it is to change any diet and how diet effects us emotionally and consciously as well as physically.

Bellenie’s Sandwich Bar Bromley, Kent 2000

Head Chef Madisons Restaurant Biggin Hill, Kent 2005

Private Chef London, Cornwall, France, Ibiza, 2006

Head Chef La Villa Hotel including catering 12 weddings, Italy 2009

Contestant on TV Masterchef the Professionals 2011

Private chef London, Scotland, Hungary 2011

Owner of award winning tapas bar Bellenie’s Osteria 2012

Conscious Creation Founder 2017