How I work

  • I work one on one with people for 4, 8 or 12 months via Zoom video or phone calls.

  • Each package is uniquely created for you and tailored to your specific needs, desired outcomes and projects.

  • We will have regular scheduled 30-90 minute calls (between 1 and 4 per month)

  • You will have direct access to me for questions or struggles

  • You will receive a personalised custom program to suit your needs

  • Instructional videos (where required)

  • Printable recipe cards/shopping lists

Things I can help you with

Transition to a vegetarian, vegan or plant based lifestyle

Transition to mucus lean diet

Transition to Raw

Introducing a healthier diet for you or your family

Weight Loss


Dry Fasting


Mind Set Work

Cravings and Self Sabotage

Raising your vibration and frequency

Eating for energy and health

Cookery skills


Healthy food for your children and babies

Understanding depression, OCD, anxiety, suicide, psychosis, addiction