What we do.

I have worked with people and their various diets one on one for over 12 years.
What I now understand and put into practice is that our body is talking to us all the time and we just have to listen.

Our body naturally tells us if something is right or wrong, what we should or shouldn’t do and what we need and don’t need. Unfortunately we have forgotten this art of listening to ourselves and we listen to adverts, experts and outside material.
We are becoming more and more sick and stressed because of the crap we are putting in our bodies. Mental health conditions have esculated and we are given strong medicines freely without looking at diet and core emotional patterns first.
I have believed from a very young age that the body can fix itself given the right conditions.

I am here to impart the wisdom of the body through deep transformational coaching and high vibrational living.

By relearning to listen and detoxifying ourselves we start understanding who and what we truly are and why we are here. We start to understand how our body truly works and why we get sick.