It is my intention to support you in detoxing your body at a cellular level by bringing the teachings of Alexandra Schwenns Living mucus free protocol that she has learnt from the medical medium, Dr Ehret, Dr Gabriel Cousens, Dr Morse, Dr Sebi, Gino di Serio from the Master Fast System and her own holistic health studies.

I have been in the food service industry for over 20 years and can provide you with nutritious, nourishing, delicious recipes to support you on your journey. With 15 years serving VIPs privately around the world including Lord and lady Astor of Hever, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and family, Gary Rhodes and Mohamed and Jasmine Al Fayed, I have inevitably catered for many diets and lifestyles. This way of living has certainly been the one that has interested me the most and feels the most aligned to my beliefs.

I am still learning and detoxing my body and the emotional aspect of the detox process is absolutely fascinating. This is another way I hope to support you all. I am a trained transformational coach and supporting people with difficult emotions is part of what I do. As you go through this process of stripping away layers of suppressed emotion times can get tough. Please reach out to me and I will help you through this.

Understanding that we are human and we will make mistakes is absolutely necessary. Don’t beat yourself up, take a note of what just happened and move on. This is all part of the process. This is learning. This is what makes us stronger.

This process will get to the root cause of your addictions, doubts and limiting beliefs. It will challenge you. It will take you higher (and possibly lower) than you have ever been before. My personal experience so far has been outstanding. I feel so alive but I also feel obstructed through years of abuse to my body. Slowly I'm stripping those layers of obstruction away and it feels great. I understand it will take a long time to fully detox my body and I’m ok with that, with each layer that peels away something new and exciting is found.

Are you ready?.......