What is CELLULAR detoxification?

Cellular Detoxification - Coming soon!

All disease in our bodies is created by obstruction. When your diet is predominantly acid forming, your hormones becomes out of balance, your food ferments & putrefies instead of properly digesting and excessive mucus and inflammation is produced. When more mucus is produced then carried out, the mucus starts building up in the body and hardening. Your blood becomes toxic and your lymphatic system becomes clogged.

This is what they call disease.

We need to clean and alkalise our internal terrain to lead us back to perfect health.

As obstruction is removed from the body, all the organs and tissues rejuvenate and the process of reversing dis-ease along with aging begins. Our bodies are so amazing and we don’t give them enough credit. We think we are cleverer than nature itself. So we try and treat the symptoms instead of finding the root cause.

No medicine can heal you like your body can.

We also hold trauma on a cellular level. This is where deep transformational coaching and mental re-patterning comes in.

This package starts you on the path to detoxify and re-generate your body. As you delve into detoxification you will find how intrinsically linked food, emotions and stored trauma is. This is why its so important to have support or a support network when you are detoxifying. This package gives you full support from me and I am fully supported by my peers who are the leading detoxification specialists in the world.